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Dec. 30, 2016

US, UK and French Combine Forces in US Task Force 50

The French anti-air frigate FS Forbin joined U.S. Naval Forces Central Command's (NAVCENT) Task Force (CTF) 50 on Dec. 27. The integration of FS Forbin marks the first time a French unit has integrated with the task force while being led by the Royal Navy. The French previously led CTF 50 last December, commanding it from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier FS Charles de Gaulle. "Forbin is committed to working together with the U.S. and Royal Navy," said Capt. Christophe Cluzel, commander of Forbin. "France continues to value the partnerships with our allies in order to protect the maritime domain."

Dec. 29, 2016

Face of Defense: Soldier Reflects on His 9 Deployments

NORTHERN IRAQ, Dec. 22, 2016 — Following the 9/11 attacks, Brian Bailey, then a private first class, arrived at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, home of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).[

Dec. 29, 2016

Face of Defense: Airman Learns Lessons From Afghanistan Duty

The first thing you notice about Air Force Airman 1st Class Corynn Marcelo when she talks about her recent deployment to Afghanistan is her professionalism and military bearing.

Dec. 29, 2016

A Different take on Familiar training

The sound of footsteps echoes throughout the room as the Soldiers pace quickens and the noise grows. Loud shouting, gunfire and radio chatter fill the air accompanied by an odd clamor of clicks. The Soldier spots an enemy across the courtyard and alerts his comrades over his radio then engages. Suddenly he is down. Blood covers the screen as it fades to black. Now his only glimpse of the fight comes from watching his teammates screen as the team completes the virtual mission.

Dec. 28, 2016

Rain Or Shine: Task Force Strike Artillerymen support Mosul counter-offensive

Christmas Eve. Some of the Soldiers in U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Johnathan Walker’s section shiver as freezing rain continues to fall upon their position.

Dec. 27, 2016

KC-10 crew enjoys in-flight holiday meal, spends Christmas at 30,000 feet

A fog peeled back slowly from the flight line. Four aircrew members emerged from a transit van sharing witty banter and a few cheerful words as they moved their flight equipment towards a nearby KC-10 Extender.

Dec. 27, 2016

Thunderous Lightning

More than 200 U.S. and Kuwaiti service members carried out a simulated mass ground and air assault against a mock enemy during Operation Lightning Eagle on the Udairi Training Range earlier this month.

Dec. 26, 2016

8th EAMS expedites the fight

AL UDEID AIR BASE, Qatar—“You need it, we move it.” That is the saying of Airmen with the 8th Expeditionary Air Mobility Squadron who enable rapid global mobility every day here at one of U.S. Central Command’s busiest en route stations.“We are the middle man for the area of responsibility, and everything goes through this port,” said Master Sgt.

Dec. 26, 2016

Mission continues through Christmas

 The day began like any other at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. The sun rose blindingly bright over the mountains. Security forces members grabbed their coffee and their body armor on the way to their patrol vehicles. F-16 Fighting Falcons thundered down the flightline for their quick climb into the sky.   What marked this day as different were the

Dec. 25, 2016

USO Troupe Visits Base Near Frontline of ISIL Fight

Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, led a USO troupe of notable performers to an airfield in Iraq, that ISIL held not long ago, for a Christmas concert before the troops.