Visitors and Personnel

Please note: the information provided here is not to be considered official DoD, CENTCOM, MacDill AFB, Military policy or endorsements. The information below helps address questions often asked by personnel and their families that are new to the Tampa Bay area.

Welcome to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida


6801 S. Dale Mabry Hwy
MacDill AFB, FL 33621-5313


Tel: (813) 828-2737
Fax: (813) 828-2057
Tel (DSN): (312) 968-2737
Fax (DSN): (312) 968-2057

Moving to MacDill

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Directions to MacDill AFB

MacDill Air Force Base is located eight miles south of Tampa, Fla., on the tip of Interbay Peninsula in Hillsborough County. To get here take the Dale Mabry exit from either I-275 or the Crosstown (Selmon) Expressway (this is a toll road). Take Dale Mabry south to the base’s main gate. The Visitor’s Reception Facility is on the right just before the gate.

Driving on Base

On base vehicle registration (decal) is no longer required. However, drivers must have a valid military ID, veterans or retiree ID, a valid driver’s license and valid insurance card.

To contact the visitor reception facility call DSN: 968-2737 or (813) 828-2737

Driving Safety on MacDill AFB

All passengers are required to wear seat belts. The operator of the vehicle is responsible for passengers being properly secured. Children age six and under must be buckled up regardless of where they are sitting in the vehicle. Children ages four and five must be secured in either a seat belt or approved child restraint seat; children under the age of four must be secured in an approved car seat. Failure to keep children buckled may result in fines.

The speed limit on MacDill is 25 mph unless otherwise posted. The speed limit in all base housing areas is 15 mph.

Florida statutes require drivers to have their headlights on any time visibility is less than 150 feet. A good rule of thumb to follow is: When your windshield wipers are on, turn your headlights on. There are unexpected and rapidly changing traffic patterns on MacDill, such as unusual intersections, changes in direction due to construction and one-way streets. Pay careful attention to traffic signs and drive cautiously.

More information can be found here: MacDill AFB Motor Vehicle Regulations

Temporary Lodging

Newcomers PCSing with family members may stay at the Temporary Lodging Facility for up to 30 days while searching or waiting for a house. Unaccompanied E-7s and above and unaccompanied officers may stay in the Visiting Officers Quarters (VOQ) for up to 30 days while making permanent housing arrangements. Unaccompanied E-6s and below may stay in the Visiting Airmen’s Quarters (VAQ) for up to 30 days while making permanent housing arrangements or the assigned unit can provide a dormitory room.

The MacDill Inn staff accepts advance reservations for people on temporary duty and permanent change of station assignments. The MacDill Inn’s phone number is (813) 828-4259 (DSN 968-4259). This is a 24 hour assistance number.

On-base housing

MacDill’s on base housing is now privatized. If you want to live on base, please call Harbor Bay at (813)840-2600 for more information.

Off-base housing

For information about off-base housing contact the Housing Flight staff at (813) 828-5404. The MacDill Housing Flight is located at 8414 Fortress Drive. For those looking for a home off base, the Housing Flight provides full relocation services and can help newcomers find home rentals and sales in the local area. There are no bachelor quarters for officers at MacDill.


If you have questions about or need assistance with pay matters, the Comptroller’s office is located in Building 149 at 2606 Brown Pelican Avenue. The telephone number for customer service is (813) 828-5377 or DSN 968-5377.