USCENTCOM continues to assess COVID-19 risks and impacts in our current environment and area of responsibility. For operational contract support related theater entry issues, the Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG) must be reviewed for updated DOD theater and country policy changes at  https://www.fcg.pentagon.mil/fcg.cfm Host nation travel limitations and advisories can be located at https://travel.state.gov.
⦁    DOD sponsored contractors shall review the FCG and address issues with their Contracting Officer Representative (COR) and/or Contracting Officer.
⦁    CORs and Contracting Officers will coordinate with their associated Service Component for specified instructions and resolution.


URGENT AFGHANISTAN (2 JUN 21): Senior Contracting Official (SCO) guidance for contractor demobilization/retrograde out of the Combined Joint Operations Area – Afghanistan (See SCO Note # 2021-04)
SCO Note issues emphasized:
⦁    KTR Ticketing Requirement/Reporting
⦁    KTR Personnel to Take Ticketing Action
⦁    Additional Travel Guidance for US Citizens
⦁    KTR Equipment Retrograde
⦁    Synchronized Pre-deployment & Operational Tracker (SPOT) KTR Accountability Reporting

*Contractor employees currently working in Afghanistan should ensure they are appropriately synchronized with their company plan to depart Afghanistan. Please continue to coordinate with your Contracting Officer Representative (COR) and/or Contracting Officer (KO) to ensure you are following all proper guidance to depart Afghanistan.*

URGENT AFGHANISTAN (20 APR 21): Senior Contracting Official (SCO) guidance for all contractors redeploying out of the Combined Joint Operations Area – Afghanistan (See SCO Note # 2021-03)
SCO Note issues emphasized:
⦁    DFS Booking Instructions
⦁    PAX Terminal Instructions
⦁    Pre-Arrival Requirements and Base Polices/Procedures
⦁    Transition Base In-Process Procedures
⦁    SPOT Compliance


URGENT AFGHANISTAN (14 APR 21): All contractors deploying into Afghanistan are still required to obtain a “Call Forward” memo.

URGENT AFGHANISTAN: Due to COVID-19 health protection measures and to align with Headquarters Resolute Support (RS) FRAGO 316-04, ALL DoD-Sponsored Contractors entering Afghanistan (Initial or Returning) require a Call Forward Memo signed by the Receiving Base Commander and approved by the United States Forces-Afghanistan (USFOR-A) Chief of Staff. Call Forward Memos can be obtained by following the Senior Contracting Official (SCO) Note (See SCO Note #2020-05) for further guidance.


USCENTCOM Execution Order (EXORD MOD 001) for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Environment Operations:
This update provides clarity on:
⦁    Exemptions to DOD Travel Restrictions
⦁    Travel Documentation Requirements
⦁    R&R Travel and Annual Leave Guidance
⦁    Updated Theater Gateway Quarantine/ROM
⦁    Vaccine Guidance/Recommendations
Contact your COR, Contracting Officer, Component Command Operational Contract Support Integration Cell (OCSIC), or CENTCOM OCSIC with any questions or concerns.

TPFDD Guidance for Identifying Restriction of Movement (ROM):
This update provides clarity on:
⦁    Updated Theater Gateway Quarantine/ROM
⦁    Vaccine Guidance/Recommendations
Contact your COR, Contracting Officer, or Component Command Operational Contract Support Integration Cell (OCSIC) with any questions or concerns.

*CENTCOM EXORD/ FHPG (Supp 16) does not supersede HN/PN Entry Requirements*


KUWAIT URGENT (19 MAY 21): The Government of Kuwait has granted a 90-day extension for 840 Mission Critical Contractors currently performing work in Kuwait under Tourist Visa (Visa-14) extensions set to expire 31 AUG 2021.  Individual employees need to immediately coordinate with their employer, Kuwaiti sponsor company, USG contracting authorities and/or supported units to determine eligibility and to facilitate processing through the office of Immigration of Mubarak Al Kabeer. 

KUWAIT URGENT: All contracted personnel currently performing work in or preparing to deploy to Kuwait should be in compliance with the information identified below: 

"Components and joint task forces shall ensure Department of Defense contractors performing work in or deploying to Kuwait comply with Kuwait immigration laws and requirements.

In accordance with Kuwait immigration law, contractors currently in Kuwait and performing work on United States Government (USG) contracts under a temporary residence visa (visa 14) should immediately initiate transfer to the required work visa (visa 18) through their parent Kuwait sponsor company.

Contractors deploying to Kuwait to perform work on USG contracts must have a visa 18 to legally enter Kuwait. Contractors are not authorized to enter Kuwait to perform on USG contracts under a visa 14 per para a.3.b.(2) of the Kuwait country tab of the foreign clearance guide (https://www.fcg.pentagon.mil/fcg.cfm ).

Per DFARS 252.225-7995, contractor personnel performing in the USCENTCOM AOR, contractors are subject to host nation laws. Any contractor found to be in violation of Kuwaiti law is subject to penalties and fines as described under Kuwait immigration law.

Service components and joint task forces shall ensure their contracting organizations/agencies disseminate this guidance to all affected contractor personnel, and take appropriate action to facilitate compliance."



Operational Contract Support is the process of planning for and obtaining supplies, services, and construction from commercial sources in support of joint operations and includes the associated functions of contracting support, contract support integration, and contractor management.


In accordance with DoDI 3020.41, this site provides information on U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) OCS points of contract and theater business clearance requirements. Contracting activities, requiring activities, and contractors will find information here that will facilitate entry into, and operation requirements within, the USCENTCOM theater of operations.

USCENTCOM Operational Contract Support Integration Cell (OCSIC), CCJ4

For clarification or additional information not outlined in the Foreign Clearance Guide please contact the OCSIC for additional assistance:

Contact E-Mail: centcom.macdill.centcom-hq.mbx.ccj4-j44-ocsic@mail.mil


Class Deviation Memo for Contractor Personnel Performing in the United States Central Command Area of Responsibility, dated Sept 15, 2017

SPOT DoD Business Rules 20200824

DoD Foreign Clearance Guide

U.S. Department of State Travel Guide

DoD Instruction 3020.41 Operational Contract Support

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations

Federal Acquisition Regulations