United States Military Training Mission
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

COL JD Evans


USMTM Mission, Vision, and Commander's Intent


United States Military Training Mission (USMTM) to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia trains, advises, and assists the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces in defense of our shared interests to ensure peace and stability in the Middle East.

Commander's Intent

USMTM will realign externally to support Saudi Vision 2030 (Transformation), realign internally to ensure Good Order and Discipline, and exercise fiscal prudence by focusing on the seven core SCO functions in accordance with Section 515(a) of the Foreign Assistance Act.​


​Realignment reaffirms USMTM's obligations under the '77 Accords. By doing so, the United States will continue to remain the Kingdom's Partner of choice in the Great (Strategic) Power Competition vis-a-vis China and Russia.


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