Syrian Arab Coalition moves toward center of Manbij

Release No: UNRELEASED July 15, 2016 PRINT | E-MAIL

July 15, 2016
Release # 20160715-02

SOUTHWEST ASIA — The Syrian Arab Coalition, supported by Coalition strikes, maneuvered toward the center of Manbij City, denying Da'esh access to critical supply routes.

Coalition strikes on key targets halted Da'esh attempts to reinforce positions in the north and severed a main resupply and reinforcement route Da'esh used to conduct vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attacks.

The continued pressure SAC is applying to Da'esh inside the city has enabled civilians to flee through the SAC perimeter and escape Da'esh control.

The fight remains heavily contested. The SAC continues to hold their defensive positions and launch offensive operations into the north and south sides of the city, despite multiple Da'esh attacks with VBIEDs, armored vehicles, and large formations of fighters.

Since the start of the operation, the Coalition has conducted more than 400 strikes near Manbij, destroying Da'esh heavy weapons, vehicles, fortifications, VBIED facilities, armored vehicles, technical vehicles, bridges, and caches.

Ground operations by Syrian moderate opposition forces in Manbij, supported by Coalition air strikes, continue to weaken Da'esh's threat to Turkey, Europe, and the United States.