Syrian Arab Coalition build advantage south of Manbij

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July 6, 2016
Release # 20160706-02

SOUTHWEST ASIA — The Syrian Arab Coalition made substantial gains in the southern area of Manbij City in an ongoing effort to liberate it from Da'esh's control.

The SAC successfully seized silos south of Manbij City. Control of this key terrain provides significant observational views of the city.

Additionally, the SAC is strengthening its southwest positions building by building. The SAC continue to clear improvised explosive devices within homes and fighting positions which Da'esh used to slow SAC advances.

The Coalition has conducted 325 strikes near Manbij since May 21st, including 29 strikes in the last four days, resulting in multiple Da'esh fighting positions, vehicles, and fortifications destroyed.

The Coalition-supported Syrian moderate opposition efforts in Manbij City continue to weaken Da'esh's threat to Turkey, Europe, and the United States.