Syrian Arab Coalition provides aid to people of Manbij

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June 30, 2016
Release # 20160630-02

SOUTHWEST ASIA — The Syrian Arab Coalition continues its efforts to liberate Manbij City from Da'esh control.

Through deliberate clearing operations, the SAC recently gained a critical foothold in the southern portion of the city and maintain control of the flow of vehicles and people to and from the city.

Coalition aircraft supported SAC operations with 44 air strikes in the last week.

Da'esh continues to use civilians as human shields and is employing snipers, tunnels, and booby traps to slow the SAC advance. Da'esh also executed families caught trying to flee the city.

SAC forces directed the remaining civilians to nearby villages and provided them food and water. SAC leadership also coordinated for additional humanitarian assistance to relieve the suffering of those escaping the violence.