Syrian Arab Coalition prepares to seize Manbij

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June 23, 2016
Release # 20160623-02

SOUTHWEST ASIA — Syrian Arab Coalition (SAC) elements have consolidated their position around Manbij in anticipation of the next phase of operations to secure the city. For the last seven days they have been refining their plans as to how to gain a foothold in Manbij and maintain the safety of the civilian population trapped by Da'esh.

Despite this consolidation the pressure on Da'esh is unrelenting. Last week 73 strikes were conducted bringing the total to 233 since the assault began. The SAC are also seeing firsthand the large foreign fighter influence in Manbij. This information will be vital in continuing to protect Turkey, wider Europe, and the United States from this threat.

To the east of Manbij displaced persons are returning to several villages. They welcomed the freedom and security the SAC have so far brought. We are working closely with NGOs to ensure they can focus their initial efforts on these villagers.