Syrian Arab Coalition complete isolation of Manbij in Northern Syria

Release No: UNRELEASED June 15, 2016 PRINT | E-MAIL

June 15, 2016
Release # 20160615-02

SOUTHWEST ASIA — On June 13 the Syrian Arab Coalition (SAC) elements completed the first phase of their operation to free Manbij City by securing the territory surrounding the city. After clearing Da'esh from this area they are now ready for the second phase to liberate the city itself.

Operating on multiple fronts, the SAC have secured the routes to and from Manbij. For the SAC, civilian safety is a critical concern, and as a consequence people are returning to the already liberated inhabited villages.

Since the operation began the Coalition has conducted more than 190 airstrikes in the vicinity of Manbij and in the last four days destroyed three command headquarters, which is encouraging ISIL's retreat into the city.

The Manbij City operation, coupled with the Coalition-supported Syrian moderate opposition efforts to clear Da'esh from the Turkish border and the Mar'a Line, continues to attrite Da'esh forces and minimize the threat to Turkey, the rest of Europe, and the United States.