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Press Release | Dec. 28, 2015

Dec. 28: Iraqi Security Forces seize Ramadi Government Center

December 28, 2015
Release # 20151228-04

BAGHDAD, Iraq Iraqi military leaders announced today Iraqi Security Forces seized the Government Center in Ramadi from Da'esh (the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State).

The Coalition congratulates the Iraqi Security Forces for its success in Ramadi. The ISF operations to reach the center of Ramadi are a significant milestone on the path to clear Da'esh from the historic city and the overall campaign to defeat the terrorist group across Iraq.

"The Iraqi Security Forces, including the Counter-Terrorism Service, the Iraqi Army, the Iraqi Air Force, the federal and local police, and the tribal fighters, have demonstrated their resolve in the fight for Ramadi," said Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland, commander of the Combined Joint Task Force supporting Iraqi security operations. "I also want to commend the thousands of troops of the Coalition who have made this success possible through relentless strikes against Da'esh, training and equipping support to the Iraqi Security Forces, and advice and assistance provided to Iraqi security leaders. This success belongs to them as well, and we will all work together to defeat our common enemy."

Coalition support to operations in Ramadi include more than 600 strikes focused against Da'esh targets in and around Ramadi, training and equipping of multiple elements of the Iraqi Security Forces, providing specialized engineering equipment to clear improvised explosives devices, and providing advice and assistance at multiple Iraqi headquarters.