Sept. 24: Coalition continues strikes on Daesh VBIED network in Mosul

Release No: UNRELEASED Sept. 24, 2015 PRINT | E-MAIL

September 24, 2015
Release # 20150924-2

SOUTHWEST ASIA – Coalition airstrikes continued destruction of key portions of the Daesh vehicle-borne IED network near Mosul, Iraq September 23, 2015, in coordination with the Government of Iraq.

These airstrikes eliminated two significant VBIED production facilities that contributed to the VBIED network fueling ISIL's terrorist activities in the region.
"We will continue to systematically target and attack the Daesh VBIED network to increase security for the Iraqi Security Forces and the Iraqi population," said Col. Christopher Garver, CJTF-OIR Public Affairs Officer.

This airstrike is part of a broader effort by the Coalition to degrade and ultimately defeat Daesh terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Video footage of this airstrike can be found here: https://youtu.be/RfDTKaIeD4I