Afghan instructors recognized for reintegration efforts

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PARWAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan (Sept. 29, 2010) — Seven Afghan instructors were recognized, Sept. 30 for their efforts teaching detainees academic and vocational skills at the Detention Facility in Parwan.

U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Mandi Murray, commander 46th MP Command, Task Force Peacekeeper, and U.S. Army Col. Robert K. Burk, Combined Joint Interagency Agency Task Force 435 director of Reintegration, presented the awards.

“I want to personally thank you for all your effort and hard work,” said Murray. “Your efforts are a huge part in making Afghanistan the country you want it to be”.

The instructors teach Afghan Ministry of Education-certified courses in Pashto literacy, agriculture, and tailoring.  Afghan educators, approved by Afghan Ministry of Education, provide instruction to the detainees, who participate in the program on a voluntary basis. Eligible detainees receive basic Pashto instruction in reading and writing. Advanced courses in Pashto and English are also offered to the detainees after they complete this course.

As part of a comprehensive reintegration effort at the DFIP, detainees learn more efficient growing methods to increase yield and profits when crops are harvested.  The DFIP agriculture program is designed to teach detainees skills to enable successful rehabilitation and reintegration into Afghanistan society upon their release from detention.  Acquiring skills, such as how to use drip irrigation to gain a higher yield from their crops, ensures detainees are less likely to turn to the insurgency for economic gain.

The tailoring course teaches detainees how to use sewing equipment to make clothing and also to use these skills to make a living sewing clothing in their village. These courses are taught through reintegration in order to help the detainees become successful members of their villages once released.

CJIATF-435, in partnership with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and U.S. interagency and international partners, conducts operations in detention, corrections, judicial sector and biometrics.   Ultimately, the CJIATF-435 will transition detention operations to Afghan control while promoting Rule of Law practices.

The 46th Military Police Command, Task Force Peacekeeper, a subordinate CJIATF-435 command, oversees detention operations and the transition of detention operations at the DFIP to the government of Afghanistan. The task force ensures the safe and humane custody, control and care of detained persons in the Detention Facility in Parwan.

The DFIP, a state-of-the-art theater internment facility, located several kilometers from Bagram Airfield, was completed in September 2009 and occupied by detainees in late December 2009.  The DFIP is equipped with a medical facility, on-site family visitation center, vocational facilities and educational classrooms.  The design of the DFIP accommodates detainee reintegration efforts and enables CJIATF-435 to better align detainee operations with the overall strategy to defeat the extremist insurgency in Afghanistan.