Two Afghan policemen killed in friendly-fire incident

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Press Release

United States Forces Afghanistan

March 8, 2009

Release Number: 20090803-01

Two Afghan policemen killed in friendly-fire incident

KABUL, Afghanistan – During an operation to disrupt Taliban senior leadership and suicide attack networks in Kapisa Province, two Afghan National Policemen were killed when they engaged a combined Afghan and Coalition Force patrolling in Kapisa Province late March 6.

During a joint operation in Tagab District, Kapisa Province, approximately 60 km northeast of Kabul, Afghan special operations forces and Coalition Forces were conducting a ground movement to their targeted location.  During this patrol, the force was maneuvered on by several individuals.  Knowing a police check point was nearby, the combined force suspected the individuals may be Afghan policemen and used various methods to identify itself as a friendly force.  Despite these efforts, which included having an interpreter and Afghan SOF engage the individuals in Pashtu, the ANP regrettably were undeterred and fired on the patrol.  In self-defense, the patrol returned fire killing two individuals.

The local ANP commander confirmed two Afghan policemen were killed during the engagement.

The incident is under review.

“We sincerely regret the loss of life of our friendly forces and we are continually working with our Afghan partners to prevent situations like this from happening in the future,” said U.S. Forces Afghanistan Spokesman, Col. Greg Julian.  “I am truly saddened by this loss and wish to express my regrets to the families of the policemen killed in this incident.” - 30 -

United States Forces Afghanistan’s mission, in coordination with NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, is to conduct operations to defeat terrorist networks and insurgents by developing effective governance and building the Afghan National Security Force.  Effective security throughout the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan facilitates continued regional stability and increases economic development for the people of Afghanistan.

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