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Press Release | April 2, 2009

Five extremists killed in Oruzgan province

By None , U.S. Forces - Afghanistan


March 7, 2009                               

Release Number 20090703-04

Five extremists killed in Oruzgan province

KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghan National Police-led forces killed five armed extremists during a patrol in a built-up area of Tarin Kowt district, Oruzgan province March 7.

The combined forces patrol was engaged by a group of violent extremists with small-arms and rocket-propelled grenade fire, who attempted to ambush the ANP. The extremists showed blatant disregard for Afghan civilians by haphazardly firing upon the ANP in a highly-populated area. Taking into account the large number of innocent civilians in the vicinity of the attack, the ANP used precisely-controlled small arms fire to quickly suppress and ultimately defeat the five enemy combatants.

Following the engagement, the ANP secured the area and discovered one improvised-explosive device on a well-traveled roadside in the vicinity of the attack. The device, designed as an indiscriminate "victim-activated" bomb, was then safely disposed of by the ANP using a controlled detonation.

As a direct result of the professionalism and expertise of the Afghan National Police, no civilian or security force casualties were reported.

"The Afghan National Police continue to work with great resolve toward eliminating the murderous and misguided elements who attempt to undermine the Afghan government and repeatedly commit atrocities against the Afghan people," said a Coalition spokesperson.



United States Forces Afghanistan’s mission, in coordination with NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, is to conduct operations to defeat terrorist networks and insurgents by developing effective governance and building the Afghan National Security Force.  Effective security throughout the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan facilitates continued regional stability and increases economic development for the people of Afghanistan.

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