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Press Release | March 3, 2009

Militant IEDs injure one Afghan civilian in Khowst

By None , U.S. Forces - Afghanistan

Joint Press Release

February 27, 2009

Release Number: 20092702-01

Militant IEDs injure one Afghan civilian in Khowst

KABUL, Afghanistan - An Afghan civilian was injured Feb. 26, during a double improvised explosive device blast in Sabari District, Khowst Province.

The remote-controlled IEDs targeted a combined Afghan National Army commando and Coalition Forces convoy conducting a reconnaissance patrol in an area frequently traveled by civilians. 

The first IED detonated between two vehicles, causing no injuries or damage to the convoy.  As the commandos and CF were securing the blast area, a second IED detonated, leaving on Afghan civilian with shrapnel wounds to the arm and chest.

Coalition Forces immediately provided emergency care to the injured civilian, who was later taken to a nearby Coalition medical facility for further treatment.

Three militants were detained, two at the site of the attack and one later as he was attempting to dig in the road.  A search of his compound yielded weapons and explosives.

No commando, Coalition Forces or other civilians were injured.

"This attack by the enemies of Afghanistan shows their blatant disregard for the Afghan people as they indiscriminately kill and injure innocent civilians," said U.S. Forces-Afghanistan Spokesman, Col. Greg Julian.  "Their failed attack on the ANA commandos and Coalition Forces only caused further suffering for the people of Afghanistan."


Contact information:

  • Ministry of Defense, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Press office telephone:  93 (0) 20 210 2742

  • US Forces Afghanistan Public Affairs, office telephone:  93 (0) 799 51 2919