Afghan, Coalition forces disrupt IED cell in Farah

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January 7, 2009

Release Number: 20090701-02  

Afghan, Coalition forces disrupt IED cell in Farah 

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan National Army Commandos with Coalition forces in support returned fire killing six militants during a raid on a compound in Kakhi Safyed district, Farah province, earlier today. 

The militants killed included a leader known for supplying weapons to militant forces and conducting attacks on Afghan National Security Forces and Coalition forces.

Additionally, Commandos killed a known IED facilitator responsible for providing IEDs and IED-production materials to militant forces in Bala Baluk. He also served as the chief bodyguard for a high-level Taliban commander.

During the Commandos’ initial approach to the compound, militants engaged them with small arms fire from multiple fighting positions. The Commandos returned precision fire while maneuvering to protect both themselves and the civilian populace. The fight lasted approximately two hours and resulted in the deaths of the six militant fighters.  

A search of the compound revealed a weapons cache containing rocket-propelled grenades, AK-47s, sniper rifle systems, machine guns and ammunition. The cache was safely destroyed during the operation.             

As part of the operation, the combined forces also held a shura with village elders to explain the reason for the operation and to express their commitment to establishing security in the area. Thirteen men, 38 women and 20 children were protected by the combined forces during the engagement.                       

One ANA Commando was injured during the raid. He was treated on site and was evacuated to a local hospital for further treatment. One Coalition soldier received a minor gunshot wound, but was able to continue the mission. Both men are expected to fully recover.             

No civilian casualties were reported.      

“Today’s successful operation demonstrates the skill of our Afghan National Army Commandos,” said Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi, spokesperson for the Afghan Ministry of Defense. “Our Army is defending Afghans from those who would harm us.” 


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