ANSF, Coalition forces attack an IED cell in Helmand

Release No: UNRELEASED Dec. 22, 2008 PRINT | E-MAIL

Ministry of Defense, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Dec. 22, 2008

Joint Press Release

Release Number: 20082212-02

ANSF, Coalition forces attack an IED cell in Helmand

KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghan National Security Forces and Coalition

forces, responding to an IED explosion, were engaged by and killed one

insurgent in Nahr Surkh district, Helmand province, Dec. 21.

An Afghan man driving a tractor was seriously wounded when the tractor

struck an IED. Upon arriving at the scene insurgents attacked the

combined forces with small-arms fire. The combined forces responded with

organic weapons, killing one.

Coalition forces evacuated the civilian to a medical facility where he

remains in critical condition.

No ANSF or Coalition casualties were reported.

"All these IEDs do is injure innocent Afghans," said Gen. Mohammad Zahir

Azimi, Chief spokesperson for the Afghanistan Ministry of Defense. "The

continuing partnership between the Afghan military and Coalition forces

will decrease the influence of these enemies of peace."


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