Coalition forces kill 10 terrorists, detain five suspects

Release No: UNRELEASED April 29, 2008 PRINT | E-MAIL

BAGHDAD (Apr. 28, 2008) – Coalition forces killed 10 terrorists and detained five terrorist suspects during four operations targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq networks Monday near Baghdad.

Targeting a foreign terrorist with direct ties to suicide operations, intelligence led a Coalition forces to engage two vehicles and kill 10 terrorists near Khalaf Al Mahd. Coalition forces destroyed the vehicles carrying four heavy machine guns, eight assault rifles and several hundred rounds of ammunition. They later detained one suspected terrorist and destroyed a weapons cache he was guarding nearby.

In Abu Ghurayb, Coalition forces targeted a terrorist with ties to AQI leadership in Baghdad. Acting on intelligence, they stopped a vehicle and detained two terrorist suspects. Coalition forces then searched the suspects’ residence where they detained another suspect.

Coalition forces also detained an individual associated with terrorists involved in AQI media operations in the Al Rasafah neighborhood in Baghdad.

"Iraqi forces and Coalition forces will continue to capture or kill al-Qaeda in Iraq’s operatives to bring peace and stability to the Iraqi people," said Navy Cmdr. Ed Buclatin, MNF-I spokesperson.