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Press Release | Aug. 10, 2018

U.S. Central Command Statement on CJTF-OIR Investigation of Possible ‘Green on Blue’ Shooting


Aug. 10, 2018

Release Number 20180810-01



TAMPA, Fla.  -- Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve conducted an investigation in accordance with Army Regulation 15-6, as well as a "line of duty" investigation on a shooting incident that occurred in the vicinity of the Middle Euphrates River Valley Feb. 17.


The incident was investigated by a team led by a U.S. Marine colonel who was unable to conclusively determine if a U.S. Marine was shot intentionally by a Syrian Democratic Forces guard, or if he was shot as the result of a negligent discharge.


The investigation also determined that a second Marine on the scene, believing himself to be in imminent danger, acted appropriately and proportionally to the threat he perceived.


Those actions in the face of the perception of imminent danger, and the second Marine's life-saving response to a fellow Marine's injuries, led the lead investigator to recommend the second Marine to be commended for his actions.


The second Marine was subsequently awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal.


The nature of expeditionary operations compels commanders at all levels to continually assess risks. Our investigation led to recommendations which we have enacted. Our partners also conducted an investigation and supported our findings.


The investigation will be released upon classification review.