NEWS | Feb. 8, 2015

Coalition Conference held to discuss OIR

By CJTF - Operation Inherent Resolve News Release

February 8, 2015

Release # 20150208.1

SOUTHWEST ASIA - Military leaders representing member states of a combined joint task force to degrade and ultimately destroy the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant gathered Feb. 3-4 for a multinational conference to discuss the way ahead in Operation Inherent Resolve.

The U.S. led coalition was established after ISIL seized control of territory in both Iraq and Syria.

Iraqi security forces have commenced offensive operations on multiple fronts in Iraq with the U.S. and coalition partners supporting with air strikes, training of security force personnel, and advisor teams.

Coalition forces have launched more than 2,000 air strikes in Syria and Iraq since the beginning of OIR.

"Throughout the two day event, we maintained coalition collaboration, we encouraged candid views, discussions, sharing of ideas, challenges and successes. We also had the opportunity to hear from all of our coalition representatives," said Canadian Army Lt. Col. Ryan Jurtkowski, the CJTF-OIR deputy chief of plans.

Leaders in attendance used the conference as a platform to brief planners from around the world about the state of their nations' support to the coalition and the mission. The conference focused on measuring the progress made thus far in degrading ISIL in Iraq, and to collaborate on effective future operations.

"We continue to broaden our collective views of the mission and maintain the tremendous collaboration we've shared to date," said Lt. Gen. James L. Terry, commanding general of the CJTF-OIR.

The consensus of participants after the conference was that this effort was successful.

More than 20 nations sent military leaders to the conference.