News | July 10, 2013

ANA taking greater control of military healthcare

By , NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan

PAKTIA, Afghanistan – The Afghan National Army gained autonomous control of Paktia Regional Military Hospital (PRMH) in Paktia province during a ceremony last month.

“I am proud to say we are able to provide care, not only for ANSF forces, but for civilians in the region as well,” said Brig. Gen. Asif Bromand, commander for the East Region Medical Command. “We will continue to grow and take care of our people in need, and I hope to see this kind of success spreading throughout all of Afghanistan.”

One of Bromand’s main priorities was partnering with other ANSF and civilian agencies and not limiting treatment to ANA patients only.

The ceremony symbolized the transfer of responsibility at PRMH from coalition advisor support to full ANA operations and oversight. The PRMH staff has worked independently for the last couple months, but the ceremony marked the ANA’s ability to operate independently after receiving a perfect score from the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan medical validation team.

“This hospital, even with all the challenges that all Afghan facilities face, was able to deliver better healthcare, better quality assurance measures, and more efficient health care than any other regional hospital,” said U.S. Air Force Maj. Roger Shih, NTM-A senior medical advisor. “The score they received indicates that they have not only mastered the basic elements of running a hospital, but are starting to master the more advanced stages … rising to a level competitive with other countries, such as the United States.

“I see the improvement of the healthcare system here, and as it keeps improving it will give the Afghan people a sense of pride and understanding of the legitimacy of the ANA and GIRoA,” Shih said. “It’s not just healthcare they deliver, it’s the message of independence, autonomy and legitimacy.”

“With this transfer of authority, we should all gain a confidence in ourselves and our abilities, a confidence that is shared by the coalition; it helped us get here today,” Bromand said. “I am very thankful for our coalition partners and I will miss the friendships that I have made.”