News | Aug. 24, 2011

PRT works with village to build school

By Staff Sgt. Darnell T. Cannady , Ghazni PRT

GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan (August 21, 2011) — Ghazni Provincial Reconstruction Team members and civil engineers conducted a shura with the Andar District subgovernor and village elders to ensure the completion of the Wali Lali school project.

PRT leadership asked for the shura because little progress was being made on the school, due to a disagreement between the contractor and village elders.  They conducted a small engagement with the village elders to see how they felt about building the school and what it would take to get the project back on track.

“Right now it isn’t a good place to learn and not a lot of kids go to school because there is no school.  When we have that school more kids will go to school and the learning standards will get better,” said Ahmdzig, a Wali Lali village school teacher.

After the engagement, the village elders said they supported the project and were willing to work to get it restarted.

“We have no problems with a school being built here,” said a village elder. “This will be good for our village and good for the children.”

With the children in mind, the team from Forward Operating Base Ghazni said they were happy with the outcome.

“The only thing we didn’t have was the contractors there to actually meet with the villagers but hopefully soon we will be able to get both sides in contact with one another,” said Mr. Bill Anderson, engineering technician with U. S. Army Corps of Engineering. “If everyone does as they said they would, then the two sides should be getting together soon and the project should resume.”