NEWS | March 26, 2008

Anbar Leaders unite at Camp Fallujah

By None , MNC-I

CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq (March 26, 2008) — Anbar provincial and tribal leadership assembled at Camp Fallujah in order to discuss Iraqi issues and challenges March 24.


Multi National Force – West Commanding General John F. Kelly and his staff coordinated the Anbar Provincial and Coalition force Leadership Conference.


More than 20 key Anbaris, including Governor Ma’amoon Sami Rashid Alwani, Provincial Committee Chairman Dr. Abd al Salam, Iraqi Security Force (ISF) leadership and Tribal/Political Leaders, such as Sheikh Hamid Ahmed Rishawi and Sheikh Ali Hatem al Sulayman received firsthand briefs regarding 2008 Coalition force security issues and the United States government (USG) development strategy.


Topics discussed during the conference included ISF posture and readiness and Coalition force and USG integrated support of al Anbar’s Provincial Development Strategy — a five-year Strategic Plan that was created by more than 100 key Anbaris that addresses the following five key sectors: economics, social service, infrastructure, government and agriculture.