Arab Jabour power lines nearly complete

By None , MNFI


BAGHDAD (March 10, 2008) – Reconstruction of three 132-kilovolt high-tension power line towers in the region of Arab Jabour are near completion.

Iraqi Ministry of Electricity employees began work on the towers March 1. Once complete, another link of the southern Baghdad power belt will be fixed.

With the exception of occasional route clearance teams checking and clearing the route to and from the site of the towers, Coalition forces had no involvement in securing the area.

Sgt. Rod Elrifai, a power generation specialist with 2-3 Brigade Troop Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, said the belt is a series of 400-132 kv power lines and electrical stations which provide power to and encircle the capital city.

The towers, once fixed, will not directly impact power supply for Arab Jabour; however, rebuilding the towers symbolizes an improvement to Baghdad’s power grid.

Elrifai, from Dallas, said 2nd BCT has made substantial contributions toward electricity repair. Since arriving to the region, 2nd BCT has purchased more than $500,000 worth of electrical equipment, used by contractors to repair the area’s dilapidated power grid, Elrifai said.