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News | Feb. 29, 2008

Arab Jabour citizens turn in weapons

By None , MNC-I

FOB KALSU, Iraq (Feb. 29, 2008) – Citizens in the Arab Jabour region turned in multiple weapons caches to Coalition Forces, Feb. 26.

Sons of Iraq brought soldiers from Company B, 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, sixty-one 57 mm projectiles and 129 105 mm empty shell casings.

Several area residents not associated with the SoI also contributed to the removal of multiple weapons systems.

One resident brought soldiers from Company C, 1-30th Inf. Regt., several mortars and improvised explosive devices. The man turned in two 57 mm mortars, two 72 mm projectiles, one 105 mm projectile, one 120 mm projectile, one 155 mm projectile, eight rocket propelled grenades, a two-liter container of homemade explosives and three mortars.

“Every pressure plate, every dismounted improvised explosive device the SoI or we find is helpful in increasing security,” said Capt. William Lyles, 1-30th Inf. Regt. battle captain. “It makes it better for locals.”

Over the past two days, Arab Jabour residents have turned in more than one hundred 57 mm mortars in addition to other ordnance. The munitions found are commonly used in conjunction with explosives to create improvised explosive devices.

“These locals want things to return to normal and are beginning to take the lead in depriving insurgents a safe haven in their community," said Lyles, of Hampton, Va.

An explosive ordnance disposal team destroyed the ordnance in a controlled detonation.