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News | Dec. 13, 2023

International Night at CENTCOM

By Maged Benjamin-Elias USCENTCOM

TAMPA, Fla. - Each year, U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) hosts a celebration that includes Coalition personnel present at MacDill Air Force Base. This celebration brings together many of CENTCOM’s Senior National Representatives (SNRs) and non-commissioned officers, who represent their respective countries at the command. These representatives and their families volunteer to cook and serve foods and sweets, for which their country is famous, to MacDill Air Force Base personnel and members of the Tampa Bay community.

The CENTCOM Coalition’s contributions alongside U.S. efforts, help promote peace not only within CENTCOM's area of responsibility, but globally. Maintaining that unity is of utmost importance to all. One good way to do that is to bring all the partners under one roof where they can share food and learn about their respective cultures, stressing the importance of cooperation. This year, the celebration occurred on Wednesday, December 7, 2023.

This special event aims to introduce the military personnel and their families to the various indigenous foods, folklore clothing, and customs of the different nations at the MacDill Air Force Base Coalition Village. The dinner was held in an aircraft hangar that was deliberately chosen to accommodate the large number of people that usually come, especially since eating and drinking are free!!!

While wandering among the tables of the participating countries, one cannot help but notice the importance of diversity and cooperation, as well as the importance of understanding and appreciating other peoples' cultures, because in diversity lies creativity, and creativity enhances progress.

A quick tour of the different countries shows that understanding and accepting other peoples and their cultures is essential to progress and development.
As for the food, it was delicious, thanks to the Coalition and Partner Nations' military personnel and their families.