PRT well project brings water to Afghan villages

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December 16, 2008

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PRT well project brings water to Afghan villages

KABUL, Afghanistan (December 16, 2008) – The Nangarhar Provincial Reconstruction Team recently completed an eight-well project that will bring much-needed water sources to six districts throughout the eastern Afghanistan province.

The PRT-funded project, which combined several individual well projects into one, cost $30,000 and was constructed by a local Afghan construction company. 

“As we travel throughout the province, the Afghans tell us water availability is one of their biggest concerns” said Air Force Lt. Col. Steve Cabosky, Nangarhar PRT commander.  “This project allowed us to directly address some of those needs and demonstrates the team’s ability to work closely with the local government to improve the lives of the Afghan people.”

The wells, which were constructed in Goshta, Kama, Kuz Kunar, Shinwar, Nazyan and Dara-I-Nur districts, took the contractor eight months to complete. 

The new wells will bring a reliable water source to thousands of people across these districts, said Air Force Capt. Elisabeth Leon, chief engineer for the Nangarhar PRT.

“These wells bring water to areas that have had their clean water reserves depleted,” Captain Leon said.  “They will help reduce water-borne illnesses, improve sanitation and provide a higher quality of life for the people.”

Overall, the PRT is currently funding approximately 60 projects worth more than $73.5 million throughout Nangarhar Province.  The team’s mission is to work directly with the provincial and district governments to assist in the province’s security, governance and reconstruction efforts.

(Article provided by Air Force Capt. Dustin Hart, 3rd BCT, 1st ID PAO, Nangarhar PRT)  -30-