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Statement | Sept. 18, 2022

Statement regarding Syrian Democratic Forces security operation in al-Hol camp

U.S. Central Command Communication Integration

TAMPA, Fla. - Yesterday, our Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) partners completed a security operation in the al-Hol displaced persons camp in northeastern Syria which began on August 25th to eradicate the camp’s ISIS facilitation networks.

Throughout the operation, CENTCOM forces enabled the SDF with intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities.

This operation focused on protecting the almost 60,000 camp residents from ISIS criminal and terror activity.

During the 24-day clearing operation, the SDF arrested approximately 300 ISIS operatives, confiscated 25 kilograms of explosives and 25 hand grenades, and removed ISIS supply and logistics materials from the camp.

Additionally, during this operation, the SDF freed six women who were found chained and tortured by ISIS operatives. Some of these six women were captured as children and held by ISIS for years. One of the women, for example, was captured in 2014 at age nine, tortured, and sold multiple times by ISIS members.

On September 8th, two SDF members were killed in engagements with ISIS fighters in the camp during the operation.

"ISIS preys on the weak and disenfranchised and is trying to exploit the conditions in the camp to help regenerate its forces," said General Michael "Erik" Kurilla, commander of U.S. Central Command. “The situation in al-Hol is an international crisis that requires an international solution, and the only permanent solution is the repatriation, rehabilitation, and reintegration of camp residents."