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Statement | Nov. 5, 2021

Joint Statement: Iraqi Military Technical Committee and CJTF-OIR

Staff Iraqi Military Technical Committee and CJTF-OIR

The Iraqi National Security Advisor Mr. Qasim Alaraji hosted a meeting today in Baghdad between the Iraqi Military Technical Committee, headed by the Deputy Commander of the Joint Operations, Staff General Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, and its Coalition counterpart, headed by the Commander of Inherent Resolve Operations Forces in Iraq, Major General John Brennan, Deputy Commanding General Brigadier General Richard Bell (UK), and the Director of Interagency and Civilian Environment Brigadier General Vincent Coste (France). 

Within the framework of the security technical talks, the meeting continued to discuss plans towards a stage where there are no International Coalition forces with a combat role operating in Iraq.

The parties reaffirmed their commitment to continued partnership between the Coalition and the Iraqi security forces (ISF) and further defined how the coalition will continue to support the ISF in its advise, assist, and enable role. They agreed to reassess their progress in this relationship on a quarterly basis. 

The parties noted the successful transfer to the ISF during recent months of more than 1,800 armored gun trucks, cranes, water trucks, and other vehicles, which has increased the ISF’s mobility and capacity to protect the citizens of Iraq from Da’esh. The parties also noted the removal from Iraq of more than 2,100 truckloads of military equipment as part of the continued transition of the security relationship with coalition forces into an advisory, non-combat role.   

The Iraqi government reaffirmed its commitment to protect International Coalition personnel in Iraq advising, assisting, and enabling the Iraqi Security Forces. Coalition personnel are present at the invitation of Iraq in accordance with Iraqi sovereignty and international laws and norms.

The parties agreed to continue their regular sessions through future engagements with the Iraqi Security Coordination Group in order to complete the discussion of the remaining steps to finalize the transition of coalition forces to a non-combat role by the time set for it at the end of this year.