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Statement | March 23, 2019

Statement from Gen. Joseph Votel on liberating the last territory held by Daesh


"U.S. Central Command congratulates the Syrian Democratic Forces for leading the final battle in eliminating the so-called caliphate. The meticulous approach to the campaign was a multi-year effort conducted in a complex environment led by our Iraqi and Syrian partners, and supported by the U.S.-led multi-national Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve.  We and our Coalition partners salute the heroic sacrifices of the men and women who fought together against Daesh, and we mourn the losses of the innocent civilians caught in the midst of their reign of terror.  While our collective efforts liberated more than seven million civilians from Daesh’s brutality, we recognize the fight is not over.  We remain committed to continuing our efforts to pursue and destroy remnants of Daesh, which are attempting to live on as an insurgency.  We will continue our collective fight to bring about the enduring defeat of ISIS."

- General Joseph L. Votel, Commander, U.S. Central Command