Syrian Arab Coalition captures Da’esh headquarters

Release No: 16-023 July 19, 2016 PRINT | E-MAIL

July 19, 2016
Release #20160719-02

SOUTHWEST ASIA — The Syrian Arab Coalition captured a Da'esh headquarters July 17 in western Manbij, Syria.

The Da'esh headquarters, located in a hospital, was being used as a command center and logistics hub. The SAC also seized a significant amount of the city during the operation, which provided civilians the opportunity to escape.

The SAC continues to fight Da'esh on four fronts within the city of Manbij, carefully clearing territory toward the city center while ensuring the safety of any civilians who still remain. 

Da'esh continues to fight hard within the center of Manbij and has mounted local counterattacks against SAC forces, but the SAC is maintaining their momentum with support from Coalition strikes. 

Since the operation began, the Coalition has conducted more than 450 strikes near Manbij. These airstrikes destroyed Da'esh heavy weapons, vehicles, fortifications, vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, VBIED facilities, armored vehicles, technical vehicles, bridges, and caches. The destruction of these Da'esh assets disrupts their operations and make them vulnerable here and on the Mar'a line.

The Coalition-supported Syrian moderate opposition efforts in Manbij continue to weaken Da'esh's threat to Turkey, Europe, and the United States.