Operations continue in Manbij

Release No: 16-006 Aug. 22, 2016 PRINT | E-MAIL
Southwest Asia — August 21, 2016
Release #20160821-02

SOUTHWEST ASIA – The Syrian Arab Coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces continue operations in Manbij City in the ongoing effort to clear the liberated city of Da’esh fighters, identify and remove improvised explosive devices, and establish a defensive posture capable of thwarting a Da’esh counter-attack.

The continued clearance is part of a broader effort to prepare defendable positions for long-term security in Manbij City.

The full extent and complexity of the improvised explosive devices and booby traps in Manbij City is slowly emerging and still presents a threat to civilians. These devices were left behind by Da’esh fighters to maim civilians and slow operations. To protect the local population, the Manbij Military Council Commander, Gen. Abu Amjad, has publicly warned citizens of these dangers.

The population is receiving a variety of assistance throughout the area. The SAC established dedicated medical facilities and continues to work with Coalition partners to ensure the availability of humanitarian assistance. The Kurdish Regional Government increased the capacity of the Fishkapour crossing to allow the movement of non-government officials to deliver humanitarian assistance for internally displaced persons.

The Coalition-supported Syrian moderate opposition efforts in Manbij City and al Rai continue to weaken Da’esh’s threat to Turkey, Europe, and United States.


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