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Press Release | Oct. 22, 2015

Oct. 22: CENTCOM Commander's statement on hostage rescue

October 22, 2015
RELEASE #20151022-01

TAMPA, Fla. — Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, U.S. Central Command commander, released the following statement today:

"Last night, Iraqi forces, supported by a U.S. Special Operations team in their advise and assist capacity, conducted a complex and highly-successful operation that resulted in the freeing of approximately 70 hostages held by ISIL in a prison near Hawijah, Iraq," said General Lloyd J. Austin III, commander of U.S. Central Command. "We commend and congratulate the brave individuals who participated in this successful operation that saved many lives, and we deeply mourn the loss of one of our own who died while supporting his Iraqi comrades engaged in a tough fight. Our gratitude and heartfelt condolences go out to this young man's family, his teammates and friends."