ISAF Commander Praises ANSF Efforts to Quell Violence

Release No: UNRELEASED Feb. 25, 2012 PRINT | E-MAIL

KABUL, Afghanistan (Feb. 25, 2012) – “I want to thank those brave Afghan National Security Force members for the sacrifices they have made this week to minimize violence throughout the country,” said ISAF Commander Gen. John R. Allen.  “For many years, these brave ANSF soldiers and policemen have stood together alongside us, shoulder to shoulder, shohna ba shohna, in dutifully seeking to protect the Afghan population from a merciless insurgency.”

 “In the wake of this week’s ongoing violence, we honor the sacrifices of our Afghan brothers in arms,” added Allen.  “Their courage and steadfast resolve in maintaining their integrity, their professionalism and their commitment to providing the Afghan population a bright future is an example to all Afghan citizens.”