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Press Release | June 29, 2011

ISAF joins President Karzai in condemning insurgent attack

By , ISAF Public Affairs Office

KABUL, Afghanistan (June 29) — The International Security Assistance Force joins
President Karzai and the Ministry of the Interior in condemning the attack on the
Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul last night. ISAF also commends the rapid response by
Afghan security forces who cleared the building and secured the situation.

“We join President Karzai in condemning this cowardly attack on Afghan civilians,” said
Rear Admiral Vic Beck, ISAF Director of Public Affairs. “Even though insurgents have
declared their intention to avoid civilian casualties, this attack put Afghan lives at risk and
demonstrates their complete disregard for the Afghan people.”

Afghan police and security forces responded quickly and professionally to clear the area,
demonstrating their ability to defeat the insurgents and protect Afghans in jeopardy. Initial
Afghan reports indicate as many as 10 were killed and eight wounded during the suicide

“This attack will do nothing to prevent the security transition process from moving forward,”
said Rear Admiral Beck. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the dead and