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Press Release | Sept. 30, 2010

Rule of Law Conference brings together Afghan, International partners

By Master Sgt. Adam M. Stump , JTF 435

KABUL, Afghanistan (Sept. 29, 2010) — Afghan, international and U.S. partners met here Sept. 27 to bring together Rule of Law practitioners from around the country to discuss Afghanistan justice issues.

The conference gathered dozens of officials from the Afghan judicial sector, the U.S. embassy, multiple international partners and Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435.

Afghan Justice Minister Habibullah Ghalib was one of the key Afghan leaders at the conference.  During his remarks, Ghalib said Afghan laws should be for the people and the government needed to focus on a few issues of Afghanistan law enforcement, including the political administration, to ensure law enforcement is effective. Ghalib also said each law enforcement officer should have proper certification and Afghans need training on Afghan laws and the judicial system.  Ghalib added for Afghanistan to achieve effective coordination with the United States and the ISAF Coalition, law enforcement officials needed to establish strong professional bonds based on trust.

U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan for Rule of Law and Law Enforcement Hans Klemm and U.S. Navy Vice Adm. Robert S. Harward, CJIATF-435 commander, highlighted how the U.S. partners with Afghans to enhance Rule of Law.   The U.S. Embassy created the Rule of Law and Law Enforcement directorate and CJIATF-435 created Rule of Law Field Forces-Afghanistan, a subordinate command that executes projects and programs to increase Rule of Law capacity in Afghanistan. According to Klemm, key innovation is the newly formed civilian-military Interagency Planning and Implementation Team that will provide policy guidance and operational support to Rule of Law practitioners throughout Afghanistan.

Participants at the Rule of Law conference organized into a variety of specific working groups, literally rolling up their sleeves to diagram on white boards, develop metrics to assess progress and delve into important problem-solving exchanges to forge the way ahead.

The conference also included presentations from field sites throughout Afghanistan.  The presentations focused on best practices in assisting the police in investigations, building cases, assisting judges and prosecutors, and holding public trials.

Rule of Law Field Force-Afghanistan is an Afghan, civil-military and coalition unity of effort to build the legitimacy of the Afghan government.  ROLFF-A will implement a strategy focusing assistance on constructive programs

ROLFF-A’s mission is to provide essential field capabilities and security to Afghan, coalition and civil-military rule of law project teams in non-permissive areas of Afghanistan, in order to build Afghan criminal justice capacity and promote the legitimacy of the Afghan government.