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Press Release | Sept. 18, 2010

Coalition Counter IED Conference 2010

By Lt. Col. Michael Thoegersen and Maj. Peter Forsberg ,

TAMPA — Defeating the global threat of improvised explosive devices is a military priority, especially in Afghanistan and other hotspots. The Counter Improvised Explosives Device Conference here, Sept. 27-29, will bring together subject matter experts to help solve problems related to IEDs. 

The conference was organized by U.S. Central Command’s Coalition CIED working group, in cooperation with CENTCOM’s J3 Counter Improvised Explosives Device Branch.

This year’s conference will go more in depth than the previous conference in November 2009. This year’s theme centers on defeating IED Systems. Counter IED professionals will share best practices that promote a holistic approach to defeating the global threat that is critical to protecting our nations’ forces.

More than 80 percent of all casualties in Afghanistan are produced by IEDs. Year to date, IED activity in Afghanistan increased by more than 140 percent compared to the same period last year.

Military and civilian sector subject matter experts from law enforcement, industry, and academia will enhance the overall success of the conference, to defeat that threat. Selected individuals from various CIED organizations and agencies will present briefings and participate in panel discussions and working groups.

The end-state of the CIED conference is to gain a new perspective on CIED by using all of the government’s resources; and, to open and improve relations between participating organizations and countries. The conference will also provide concrete actions to assist coalition partners and enhance their CIED capabilities

To achieve a tangible outcome for all participating individuals, nations and organizations, briefers from many influential organizations including the U.S. State Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, Department of Defense and Explosive Ordinance Disposal units from coalition partners will participate.

Several similar CIED-forums already exist but no other forum is attempting the same outreach as the CENTCOM Coalition. Every nation approaches “Defeating IED networks” differently. This opportunity will give each nation the opportunity to further refine its collective knowledge and respective approach to “Defeating the Network.” This global approach will tie law enforcement, Department of Defense and coalition countries together.

The conference is at the CENTCOM JIOC (LCDR Otis Vincent Tolbert Building), in Tampa. For more information, contact the CIED Working Group at (813) 827 2999.