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Press Release | March 9, 2010

ANSF, ISAF forces in Khowst repel palace attacks

By None , Afghanista Ministry of Defense

KABUL, Afghanistan (March 9, 2010) - Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF servicemembers who repelled an insurgent attack on the Khowst provincial palace yesterday afternoon displayed partnership and training responsible for security of government officials and citizens of Khowst.

"This is an example of how well ANSF and ISAF forces work together to repel insurgent attacks," said General Azimi, Ministry of Defense spokesman. "Afghan and international forces worked in concert to quickly thwart a complex attack and keep insurgents from meeting their objective."

The three to five insurgents who attacked the palace with small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades and one suicide bomber did not breach the security perimeter. Another suicide bomber was killed by security forces while clearing the police station.

The governor was not harmed in the attack. The only people killed were insurgents and no civilian injuries or damages were reported.

"This attack shows the tactics of the insurgents," said Azimi.

"Their campaign of threats and violence does nothing to build up the country of Afghanistan and shows they are really the enemies of the people."