Press Release | July 21, 2009

Coalition, Afghan troops thwart suicide attack

By None , ISAF Public Information Office

KABUL, Afghanistan (July 21, 2009) – Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF) and International Security Assistance Force service members stopped an attack at a Forward Operating Base near Jalalabad Tuesday morning.

One of the militants, wearing a suicide vest, was killed before he could detonate his explosives and do any damage to the base or any nearby personnel. A second insurgent was captured.

"These militants repeatedly try to test both ANSF and ISAF Soldiers and continue to fail time after time," said Lt. Col. Clarence Counts, a spokesman for RC-East. "The results of today are just another example of the confidence and dedication the ANSF has in defeating the enemies of Afghanistan."

No ANSF or ISAF forces were killed or injured in the attack. No damage was done to structures in the area.