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Press Release | March 28, 2009

Afghan, Coalition Forces disrupt IED cells

By None , U.S. Forces - Afghanistan

Joint Press Release

March 5, 2009

Release Number:  20090504-01

Afghan, Coalition Forces disrupt IED cells

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan and Coalition Forces killed one militant and detained four suspected militants during operations to disrupt Taliban and Haqqani networks in Kandahar and Khowst Provinces March 5.

In Maywand District, Kandahar Province, approximately 80 km northwest of Kandahar, Afghan and Coalition Forces conducted operations to disable a prolific improvised explosive device network run by Taliban operatives.  On information from a local Afghan, the assault force entered the compound where militants were known to be staying.  Without firing any shots, forces detained two key Taliban operatives involved in IED facilitation.  Coalition Forces provided medical treatment to one non-compliant militant who sustained a minor injury.  When forces approached a separate building on the compound, an armed militant maneuvered on the force and was killed.  IED-making material was found in a separate building on the compound.

Twelve women and 25 children were protected.

In Khowst Province, approximately 10 km northeast of Khowst City (Khost, Matun), Afghan special operations forces and Coalition Forces conducted an operation to disrupt the Haqqani IED network.  When the combined force arrived at the targeted compound, they searched several buildings without incident, detaining two suspected militants. No shots were fired.

Sixteen women and 35 children were protected.

“Afghan National Security Forces and their Coalition partners have made great strides in combating the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan who would use their IEDs to kill indiscriminately,” said Maj. Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi, chief spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Defense.  “That continued partnership is a key element to defeating those who would threaten the innocent people of Afghanistan and their way of life.”


Contact information:

  • Ministry of Defense, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Press office telephone:  93 (0) 20 210 2742

  • US Forces Afghanistan Public Affairs, office telephone:  93 (0) 799 51 2919