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Press Release | March 16, 2009

CTF 151 ships rescue vessel from pirates

By None , CTF 151

GULF OF ADEN – The Danish warship HDMS Absalon (L 16) and Turkish frigate TCG Giresun (F-491) came to the rescue of a Vietnamese cargo ship and successfully deterred a pirate attack approximately 50 nautical miles southeast of Al Mukalla, Yemen, March 14.

At approximately 9:30 a.m., Absalon received a distress signal from the Vietnamese-registered freighter, M/V Diamond Falcon, in the Gulf of Aden. The ship reported it was under attack from two fast-moving skiffs with an unknown number of pirates on board. Upon receipt of the emergency call, Absalon directed the cargo ship to conduct evasive maneuvers. Absalon and Giresun launched their embarked helicopters to assist the motor vessel. The suspected pirates then broke off their attack.

Absalon and Giresun are operating as part of Combined Task Force (CTF 151), a multinational task force conducting counter-piracy operations to disrupt and deter piracy in and around the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Red Sea. CTF 151 was established to create a lawful maritime order and develop security in the maritime environment.