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Press Release | Feb. 24, 2009

Coalition Forces provide care for critically injured, ill Afghans

By None , U.S. Forces - Afghanistan


U.S. Forces Afghanistan

February 24, 2009

Release Number 20092402-02

Coalition Forces provide care for critically injured, ill Afghans

KABUL, Afghanistan - Two Afghan children and an Afghan woman received medical assistance from Coalition Forces in Oruzgan Province Feb. 23.

In Deh Rawod district, a boy was brought to a Coalition base by his father.  The father said his child was injured in a blast after unknowingly playing with unexploded ordnance.  Initially, he was treated by the medical staff at the base.  However, his wounds required more treatment and the medics coordinated for the child to be medically evacuated to a Coalition hospital in Tarin Kowt.

After being treated by Coalition medics in Tarin Kowt, the boy was flown to Kabul to see an eye specialist who might be able to save the child’s vision.  He already suffered the amputation of his right arm, due to the explosion.

In Khas district, a 4-month-old baby was brought to a Coalition base with severe pneumonia.  The child’s condition was deemed so critical that Coalition medics at the base arranged for the baby to fly to a Coalition hospital in Tarin Kowt for additional treatment.

Also in Khas district, a woman was treated by Coalition medics after a catastrophic injury from a piece of farm equipment.  She was to be flown to the hospital in Tarin Kowt for further treatment.

"The lives of these Afghans have been affected by continued conflict and the lack of security in this country," said U.S. Forces-Afghanistan Spokesperson, Col. Greg Julian.  "Coalition Forces value Afghan lives and, along side international forces, will continue working with Afghan National Security forces to improve the security of Afghanistan so that tragic incidents like these don’t happen in the future."


United States Forces Afghanistan’s mission, in coordination with NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, is to conduct operations to defeat terrorist networks and insurgents by developing effective governance and building the Afghan National Security Force.  Effective security throughout the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan facilitates continued regional stability and increases economic development for the people of Afghanistan.

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