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Press Release | Dec. 29, 2008

Afghan Commandos, Coalition forces destroy weapons cache in Ghorak district

By None , U.S. Forces - Afghanistan


December 28, 2008

Release Number: 20082812-02

Afghan Commandos, Coalition forces destroy weapons cache in Ghorak district

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan Commandos and Coalition forces conducted an air assault operation in Ghorak district, Kandahar province, to search for IED cells Dec. 27.

A search of the village yielded a weapons and supply cache. The weapons cache contained one anti-personnel mine, two anti-tank mines and a bowl of unidentified powder presumed to be IED making material. All materials were destroyed on site. The combination forces safeguarded 320 civilians before beginning their search.

No ANSF, Coalition forces or Afghan civilian casualties were reported.

“Finding and destroying this weapons cache is another step towards safeguarding Afghanistan’s future,” said Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi, chief spokesperson for the Afghanistan Ministry of Defense. “We are actively reducing the insurgency’s ability to harm innocent Afghans along the roads of Kandahar.”


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