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Press Release | Dec. 3, 2008

ANSF, Coalition forces disrupt militant activities in western Afghanistan

By None , U.S. Forces - Afghanistan


Dec. 3, 2008                                                                                        

Release Number 20080312-03

ANSF, Coalition forces disrupt militant activities in western Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan National Security Forces, assisted by Coalition forces, detained three suspected militants Wednesday in Shindand District, Heart province, in the far western part of Afghanistan.

Afghan National Army Commandos used the early morning operation to target an area suspected of being the headquarters for an improvised explosive device cell operating in the Zer-e-koh Valley.

As Commandos searched the compound, they detained three persons of interest who were carrying AK-47 assault rifles and wearing vests loaded with ammunition.  Commandos encountered no resistance from the armed men, and no shots were fired in carrying out the mission.

After the suspected militants were detained, Commandos met with the remaining men on the compound, explaining the reason for the search.

During the operation, 90 men, women and children were safeguarded.

No ANSF, Coalition forces or civilian casualties have been reported.

“The ANSF continue to successfully execute missions that tear down militant networks, while protecting the innocent civilians that militants so often operate among,” said Col. Jerry O’Hara, U.S. Forces Afghanistan spokesman.


United States Forces Afghanistan’s mission, in coordination with NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, is to conduct operations to defeat terrorist networks and insurgents by developing effective governance and building the Afghan National Security Force.  Effective security throughout the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan facilitates continued regional stability and increases economic development for the people of Afghanistan.

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