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Press Release | Dec. 1, 2008

ANSF, Coalition forces further disrupt terrorist networks in Paktia and Kabul

By None , U.S. Forces - Afghanistan


November 30, 2008

Release Number: 20083011-01

ANSF, Coalition forces further disrupt terrorist networks in Paktia and Kabul

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan National Security Forces and Coalition forces killed 17 armed militants and detained ten suspected militants during operations to further decimate the Haqqani and Hizb-e-Islami Gulbuddin (HIG) terrorist networks in Paktia and Kabul provinces, Saturday.

In Zadran District, which is located 135 kilometers south of Kabul, Afghan and Coalition forces killed one armed militant and detained ten suspected militants, including the targeted Haqqani foreign fighter facilitator, during a combined operation in Paktia province.   The targeted Haqqani militant is assessed to coordinate and assist with the movement of Islamic Jihadist Union (IJU) and other foreign fighters into Afghanistan.  He is also believed to be direct contact with senior Haqqani leaders in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

During the search of the compounds the combined force encountered one militant, armed with a grenade, attempting to hide behind women and children.  The force engaged the militant with small-arms fire, killing him while protecting the women and children. Coalition forces estimate that they safeguarded 16 women and 31 children.

Coalition forces conducted a second operation in Sorobi District, located 50km east of Kabul province, targeting one of the HIG terrorist network’s senior commanders.  The commander is known to be heavily involved in the kidnapping of Afghan officials and innocent civilians, demanding ransoms to finance illegal activities.  Intelligence also suggests he directs and facilitates roadside bomb attacks throughout eastern Afghanistan which indiscriminately kill and injure innocent Afghans and Coalition forces.

“ANSF and Coalition members continue to search for those individuals that do not have the best interest of the people of Afghan at heart,” said Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi, Chief spokesperson for the Afghan Ministry of Defense. “This is a significant impact on the Haqqani and Hizb-e-Islami Gulbuddin (HIG) network to provide security for the Afghan people.”

As Coalition forces approached the targeted buildings, 16 armed militants exited the buildings and began maneuvering on the force.  The militants engaged the force with small-arms fire.  The force responded with small-arms fire and precision munitions, and killed the militants.  


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