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Press Release | Dec. 1, 2008

Afghan and Coalition forces disrupt Haqqani network in Khost

By None , U.S. Forces - Afghanistan


Nov. 27, 2008

Release Number: 20082711-01

Afghan and Coalition forces disrupt Haqqani network in Khost

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and Coalition forces detained seven suspected militants during a combined operation aimed at disrupting the Haqqani terrorist network in Khost province, Wednesday. The province is located, approximately 250 km southeast of Kabul.

The combined force searched a compound in Mando Zayi district, targeting a Haqqani militant believed to facilitate attacks against local civilians, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) and Coalition forces. Intelligence also suggests the militant facilitates and coordinates the movement of Islamic Jihadist Union (IJU) and other foreign fighters into eastern Afghanistan.

“The ANSF will continue to build momentum by disrupting militant networks,” said General Azimi, Chief spokesperson for the Afghan Ministry of Defense. “The security of our fellow Afghan citizens remains a top priority.”

The force searched the compound without incident, detaining seven suspected militants and protecting five women and seven children during the operation.

ANSF continue to grow and conduct joint operations with Coalition forces. As of August 2008, the Afghan National Army was numbered at over 66,000 soldiers and is expected to grow to over 80,000 by 2009. Coalition forces continue to support the growth of the ANSF through training.


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