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Press Release | Nov. 25, 2008

634th SECFOR Co. takes over Camp Eggers force protection for 436th Co.

By None , U.S. Forces - Afghanistan


November 25, 2008

Release Number 20082511-01

634th SECFOR Co. takes over Camp Eggers force protection for 436th Co. 

KABUL, Afghanistan - The 634th Security Forces Company, an Army National Guard company based out of Joliet, Ill., officially took control of security operations from the 436th SECFOR Company during a transfer of authority ceremony Nov. 19 at Kabul Afghanistan International Airport.

The 634th SECFOR Company now has command and control of the Camp Eggers Force Protection and Quick Reaction Force, Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan.

In order to prepare for their new mission, the 634th underwent months of mobilization training including 60 days of training at Fort Bragg N.C.  The soldiers of the 634th trained closely with their counterparts in the 436th, a Texas Army National Guard company based out of Laredo, to fully understand how to perform their duties.

"The 634th is more than capable and willing to complete the mission at hand," said 634th Commander Capt. Matthew T. Morse, a Carbondale, Ill., native. “We’ve trained well with the 436th company for the past few weeks to ensure all aspects are covered while we are here in Afghanistan.”

The 634th is among 2,700 soldiers of the Illinois National Guard being deployed. The U.S. military is readying itself for an expanded presence in Afghanistan. Some states, including Illinois, have seen their largest Guard and Reserve call-ups since World War II.

The 436th company has been deployed since February 2008 and performed Camp Eggers’ force protection and quick reaction force duties.

“I came to this company six months ago,” explained 1st Sgt. Richard Dickey. “This company has done so many great things, and I am extremely proud of them. Now they get to go back home to Texas with their family and friends.”

“Today is a very sweet day as we say good bye to the 436 and welcome in the 634,” said Maj. Tanya M. Hightower, Camp Eggers’ garrison commander and guest speaker for the transfer of authority ceremony. “The 436 was involved in an ever-changing environment with response to various circumstances along with keeping over 1,600 personnel safe.”