Iraqi Army and MND-B Soldiers kill 22 enemy repelling attack against ISF checkpoint in Baghdad

Release No: UNRELEASED April 28, 2008 PRINT | E-MAIL

BAGHDAD (April 28, 2008) – Iraqi Army soldiers and Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers engaged and killed 22 criminals attacking an Iraqi Security Force Checkpoint April 27, in northeastern Baghdad.

At approximately 6:35 p.m., 11th Iraqi Army Division and MND-B Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, attached to 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, were attacked by a large group of criminals engaging with small-arms fire while manning a security checkpoint.

U.S. Soldiers used 120 mm fire from M1A12 Abrams tanks and small-arms fire to kill the 22 criminals, forcing remaining enemy forces present to retreat. The criminals’ small-arms fire was ineffective and there were no U.S. Soldier or ISF casualties in the attack.

“We are not the aggressor,” said Lt. Col. Steve Stover, MND-B and 4th Inf. Div. spokesman.  “However, we will defend ourselves, our Iraqi partners and the Iraqi people from the enemy attack.” -30-FOR QUERIES, CONTACT MULTI-NATIONAL DIVISION - BAGHDAD PUBLIC AFFAIRS AT:  mndb_pao_cic@mnd-B.army.mil OR BY PHONE AT:  COMMERCIAL (914) 822-8174 OR IRAQNA 011-964-890-192-4674.