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Press Release | Dec. 27, 2007

Iraqi Police, U.S. troops detain 2 suspected extremists


BALAD, Iraq (Dec. 24, 2007) – Iraqi Police and U.S. Special Operations Forces detained two suspected extremists during operations Dec. 24 and 25 in the city of Ramadi.  The operations were part of a series to capture individuals believed to be involved in the capture of U.S. Soldiers earlier this year.   


The operations were based on intelligence reports linking the two suspects to the May 12 abduction of three U.S. Soldiers following an ambush attack near Mahmudiyah.  Reporting indicates that the two suspects have ties to al-Qaeda in Iraq. 

One of the suspected terrorists is believed to have facilitated the kidnapping and is reported to have used his residence to aid in the hiding and transport of the captured Soldiers. 


During a previous operation, a U.S. weapon belonging to one of the abducted Soldiers was recovered at a residence of the second suspect.   


Both suspects are allegedly involved in terrorist cells responsible for several improvised explosive device and mortar attacks against Iraqi and Coalition Forces, as well as the kidnapping and murder of Iraqi citizens and members of the Iraqi Security Forces.       


Four other individuals were detained for further questioning during the operations.