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Press Release | June 24, 2024

U.S. Central Command Humanitarian Aid Update


June 24, 2024
Release Number 20240624 - 01

TAMPA, Fla. - United States Central Command (U.S. CENTCOM) personnel continue to support the multinational, USAID-led mission to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians. DOD operations have continued uninterrupted since re-anchoring the temporary pier to the beach in Gaza on June 19. Today, operations at the pier will pause for scheduled maintenance activities.

Over the past weekend, U.S. CENTCOM delivered 1,384 metric tons (3.04 million pounds) of aid to the beach in Gaza. This includes the offloading of 720 metric tons (1.58 million pounds) of aid on Sunday, the largest single-day delivery of aid to date.

Since May 17, more than 6,206 metric tons (13.6 million pounds) of humanitarian aid has been delivered from the pier to the marshaling area where it can be collected by humanitarian organizations for onward distribution. This humanitarian operation is made possible by our continued partnership with the United Nations and many international and regional partners.